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  • Pro Tools USA is a "Full Line" Distributor for Core Cut, Diteq, and Wel-Co Brick, Block, and Stone Saw Blades
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U-22 Concrete / Masonry / Block / Brick Blades



Excellent value for performance to price.

General purpose blades for cutting a wide variety of material including concrete, masonry and stone.

  • Laser Welded.
  • Cured Concrete.
  • Brick Pavers.
  • Retaining wall blocks.
  • Masonry & Some Stone
  • Wet / Dry Use

S-21 5" Dish Turbo Convex Blade



$151.80 $96.54

S-32 Raised Hub Turbo Blades


Raised Hub Turbo Blades

This continuous rim turbo blades core is thicker at the center for added strength, but has a thinner diamond rim for fast, free cutting. For cutting of all material to include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble tile, granite tile, and other natural stone materials. ideal for Angle Grinder and wet stone cutters.

  • Porcelain Diamond Blade with Reinforced Hub
  • Cooling holes around the core to prevent over-heating
  • Super fast 0.060 fine tooth turbo segment for the fastest cleanest cut
  • For cutting Porcelain
  • For cutting Granite
  • For cutting Marble
  • For cutting Hard material
  • Wet/Dry Use
  • Fast Cutting

Jet Stream Blades for Stone

Jet Stream Blades for Stone

DITEQ's Jet Stream blades for stone, a High-performance diamond blade for a variety of stone. Longer life, 15mm segments, 50-60mm arbors and 7/8"-5/8" Flush cutting, smooth chip free for granite and engineered stone.

S-52XN Brute Stone Blades Silent Core

S-52XN Brute Stone Blades Silent Core

  • New G3 Arix Technology
  • Silent core noise cancellation Technology
  • For Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Wet Only Use
  • 25mm Segments
  • 50-60mm Arbor

T-42 Curly Que Blade

T-42 Curly Que Blade

  • The Curly Que blade is a closed segment blade that features curly que stress relief slots that permit fast cutting of hard porcelain, marble, and granite
  • A popular choice of many professionals in the stone industry
  • .315" Segment Height

Standard Gold Tile - Wet


  • Fast Smooth cuts
  • Good Blade Life
  • Rim depth: .187"

Premium Black Tile - Wet


  • Longest Blade Life
  • Rim depth: .375" (.250" rim for 12" and 14" blades)

  • TI7 - For granite, marble, glass, and other hard, dense tile
  • TI10 - For ceramic, fiberglass, and other soft porus tile

C/S-32BR Arix™ Brute Granite, Brick Pavers, Hard Concrete


Contractor General Purpose Blade.

Combo Stone / Brick / Concrete.

Use on High Speed / Masonry / Low HP Flat Saws.
Turbo Segment Design.

13mm Segment Height.

Gives faster cutting speed and longer blade life with precise diamond arrangement throughout each segment for unequaled performance.