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  • Pro Tools USA is a "Full Line" Distributor for Diamond Products, Diteq, & WelCo Drill Rigs.
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C-43 Prestressed Wet Concrete & Asphalt

C-43 Prestressed Wet

The C43 Diamond Core Bit is great for hard asphalt and prestressed concrete. The pointed segments of the C43 feature the highest diamond concentration and slice through the toughest applications with blazing speed and remarkable life. The additional segments are closely spaced to fill in gaps for cutting: prestressed cables, loose rebar and loose wire mesh.

Use wet only. Sizes 2" to 18".

Core Travel: 14"

All C43's are threaded for a 1 1/4" - 7 adapter.

Wel-Co Premium Wet Core Bits


  • These bits are designed for the lowest cost and fastest drilling of concrete
  • Designed for fast drilling in cured concrete with heavy steel reinforcing
  • Available in 1" through 24" diameter

C-62AX Arix Wet Only Reinforced Concrete

C-62AX Arix Wet Only Reinforced Concrete

C-62AX Arix Professional Core Bits

For faster cutting of heavy steel, hard aggregates, river gravel, granite quartz, and similar material.

ARIX™ Technology gives you maximum productivity with the lowest possible cost per inch/foot cut. Diamonds are individually placed in strategic positions to maximize cutting performance. Other sizes available upon request




  • 8mm (.315") segment height
  • For use on pre-stressed concrete
  • Close spaced segments for heavy rebar
  • 14" barrel length less space between segments eliminates segment loss


  • Pre-Stressed Concrete, Concrete with rebar