Prestressed Concrete

  • Pro Tools USA is a "Full Line" Distributor for Core Bore, Diteq and Wel-Co Core Dril Bits.
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Diteq - C43 Segmeted Prestressed Concrete Core Bit

  • Same high quality segments as used on the C32 and C52 bits.
  • More segments per bit spaced closer together for longer life and less chance of hang-up.
  • Available in 2" through 14" diameter
From $120.00

Impregnated Yellow

  • The Impregnated Yellow was our first bit made with synthetic diamonds
  • It remains a popular general purpose bit because of its continuous crown design, which works well in applications with pre-stressed cable, loose rebar, and loose wire mesh
  • Good speed and footage with light to moderate steel
From $84.18